Executive Board

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Jimmy Franzen is a senior in Accounting and is planning on staying the fifth year for the masters program and taking the CPA. After being an active member of Accounting Club for 5 semesters, this will be his second semester on the Executive Board as Meeting Coordinator. Other than Accounting Club, Jimmy is a member of Phi Beta Lambda where he is on the Corporate Committee. In his free time, Jimmy likes to play golf, basketball, and watch professional and college football.

The main duties of the Membership Chair include increasing the interaction between members of the club internally and directly overseeing the Membership Committee. The Membership Chair must consistently generate ideas to increase companionship between members and help members develop relationships outside of club events. Working with the Social Chair while planning and organizing social events is an important part of fulfilling these goals. The Membership Chair should also look for ways to help increase companionship outside of social events, as well as professional and philanthropy events.

Jimmy can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..