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Hear what past Executive Board members have to say! Testimonial, advice, tips, etc.

Marshal Herrmann

Marshal Herrmann was selected as the first ever Technology Chair and assumed the role for Spring 2015. He's the crazy person who built this website! But it probably looks better now than back then... Marshal's hobbies include rock climbing, running, accounting, exploring, hiking, trivia, themed bar nights, and long walks on the beach. He also served on the executive board of the Illini Disc Golf Club. Add me on LinkedIn!! Assuming people use that in the future. My name should be easy to find - I have to be the only Marshal Herrmann in the world.

Nicholas Edwards

I was a meeting coordinator for one semester as a sophomore, then President of the club for four consecutive semesters. I accepted a summer internship in BDO's Assurance practice after my junior year at UIUC. Then, after my senior year, I interned in EY's Assurance practice before accepting a full-time offer in Assurance at EY in September 2014. Since, I have been heavily involved in recruiting on campus and make trips to campus as my schedule allows. If you see me around, stop me and say hi!

I encourage all members to get as involved as possible, not only with Accounting Club, but other groups on campus, as well. Although I think it is important to develop a broad network across campus, I believe getting experience in a leadership position, whether through a campus job or on an executive board of a student organization, goes a long way for both personal and professional development. One way to do so is to continuously network with others in leadership positions and company recruiters. A familiar face is remembered more than you think!

John Aaron Douglas

Hello Accounting Club members! My name is John Aaron Douglas and I joined Accounting Club in fall 2013, earning Gold membership by the end of the semester. Following this, I served as Meeting Coordinator on the Executive Board for spring 2014, and then went on to be President of the club from fall 2014 through the end of fall 2015, my last semester as an undergrad on campus. During my time in Accounting Club I saw the organization grow immensely, as well as the number of opportunities available to each and every member. With this being said, my piece of advice for all of you is to make the most out of your time in Accounting Club. There are always opportunities to attend professional, social, and philanthropy events, so be sure to capitalize on these opportunities while you have them. Hopefully one day, you'll be able to look back at your time in Accounting Club and attribute part of your success to the time you spent in the organization.
I look forward to coming back on campus as an Accounting Club alumni and speaking with all of you at an event or two!

Carmen MaioranoI was Membership Chair for two semesters, then President for two semesters. I winterned with EY and accepted full-time there. I was lucky enough to be selected for EY's Global Student Experience and was able to work in Australia in July 2014!

Advice: Make sure to network with the Exec Board as well as the recruiters; both will be vital assets towards your development as a student and future associate at a firm. Take the time to mentor others and develop them. The club helped me develop my professionalism and was a great place to fit in here on campus.

Drake GrindleDrake first joined the Accounting Club as a member in the Fall of 2012, and later became Membership Chair in Spring 2013 and held that position until becoming President for the Spring 2014 semester. His favorite part about the Accounting Club was networking with fellow students and recruiters, and of course, the free food! Drake will joining BDO USA, LLP full-time next fall after an internship over Summer 2014. Outside the world of accounting, Drake enjoys working out, playing slow-pitch softball, fishing, hiking, and hanging out with friends. Lastly, Drake's advice for all future accountants is to surround yourself with smart people, uphold honesty and integrity, and face every day with a positive attitude.

Warren StippichI was the president of the accounting club way back in 1989-1990. We had a large club back then with hundreds of members. We had very active schedules with events nearly every few weeks. In those days, we had to post our meeting activities on the bulletin boards in all the buildings around the Business campus. There was no email or social media, so we had a committee of about 25 that worked with the copy shops in campus town to get printing done and then we had a system to get the meeting announcements posted. We worked tirelessly with the Big 8 (at that time there were 8 large global firms) for programming as well as industry. In 1989, our largest event was having the current Secretary of Transportation and UIUC Accy grad Samuel K. Skinner as a keynoter at our spring event. It was very cool. I had to work with his protective detail for months before he came to campus.

My UIUC BS Accy has provided me a solid foundation upon which I've built a pretty successful career. I've achieved more than I ever imagined when I was on campus and I'm only about 2/3 of the way through my career.

All Accy majors should work hard to network amongst the fellow students. It is also important to stay current on what's going on in the world (business, global affairs, politics, etc). I find that many students don't pay attention to the headlines and they really should. It's important to stay involved, keep the studies going and don't forget to have fun!

Amanda KowalskiMy name is Amanda Kowalski and I was the Membership Chair for Accounting Club for three semesters and a platinum member in all prior semesters. I am currently away from school for a winternship at RSM (formerly McGladrey) in the tax department with the manufacturing and distribution group. Accounting Club has definitely led me to where I am today. When I joined my freshman year, I was a math major hoping to transfer into business. I learned so much about the field of accounting from listening to the presentations from all the different types of accounting firms. I found out what I liked and didn't like from hearing professionals talk about their jobs. I would recommend anyone that has any interest in business to join Accounting Club to get the same experience I had. I would have no idea what to do with my accounting degree if I didn't join Accounting Club. I'll be back at school in the fall in the MAS program to get a master's degree in accountancy.

Maggie PieturaHey guys! I’m Maggie, and I just finished my undergrad in Accountancy. I have been a part of the club since my sophomore or freshman year of college. I was the Marketing Chair for two semesters and then I took on the role of Internal VP. Accounting Club helped me understand the roles one can pursue within Accounting and helped me decide on the career path I was interested in. Through my many interactions with other members and recruiters, I was able to make long-lasting friendships, network with different professionals and secure internships with Plante Moran and KPMG. To all young members, take advantage of every opportunity you get, put yourself out there and let your name be known.

Nicku ParameswaranI am Nicku Parameswaran, and I am currently perusing my Masters of Accounting here at the University of Illinois, Class of 2016. I expect to start with Grant Thornton in their Forensics and Dispute Services in fall of 2016!I was a part of Accounting Club from the very first semester at University of Illinois. I remember how big of a role Accounting Club had in my freshman year. It was Accounting Club that solidified my interest in accounting, and opened my eyes to all the different opportunities in the field.In my sophomore year, I decided to join the Executive Team as the Treasurer, and enjoyed the company of all the dedicated members in my team, including Eric Matejcak-who later became my Master’s year roommate. So you can see, our executive team is always made up of a tight group of friends! Trust me, we accountants are a lot of fun, and the fun exponentially increases when we are together I recommend anyone interested in learning more about accounting and building their network to become a member, and join the Exec Team.

April YoungHi all! I have been the meeting coordinator, philanthropy chair, and Vice President – External for Accounting Club and being a member of this organization, especially as part of the Exec Board, helped me establish strong relationships with recruiters and get my current winter internship at KPMG. My favorite part of Accounting Club is that it's open to everyone and you can really make a difference if you put in the effort to meet the leadership and come not only for the free food, even though that is pretty much the best part of every meeting. My advice is to be open to every opportunity you come across. You're not going to leave U of I the same person you thought you were going to be when you first stepped on campus, and that's what makes life exciting!


TTTTTI was the Meeting Coordinator, Philanthropy Chair, and External Vice President during my time on the Exec Board. My favorite part of Accounting Club was making friends with other members and exploring potential career paths. My advice to everyone is to get to know other members, network with the professionals at each meeting, and reach out to people for advice. I hope you enjoy your experience in Accounting Club!

I will be joining PwC in August 2017 as an Assurance Associate, and I hope to visit campus during recruiting season in the future. Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself if you see me!

Eric MatejcakI joined Accounting Club during my first semester of college- Fall 2011.  My first role on the executive board was as the Meeting Coordinator.  I then went on to serve as the Marketing Chair and Internal Vice President.  I am currently interning at PwC, and plan on earning my masters degree and CPA.  My advice is to constantly reevaluate your goals.  Revisiting your goals will ensure that you continue pushing yourself harder and harder, and allows you to see how far you've come during your time in college.

Erica Smith with President Robert EasterErica Smith graduated with a bachelor's in Accountancy and a minor in Communication. She was the External Vice President of the club for Fall 2015. Prior to this position, she was Membership Chair and Internal Vice President respectively. Erica first joined the club in 2012 and was a platinum member every semester leading up to her time on the executive board.
Erica will be sitting for the CPA exam this summer session after she graduates and spends a lot of her free time studying. Outside of Accounting Club, she is actively involved in Student Alumni Ambassadors and held the executive position of Vice President of Homecoming for the 2014 calendar year. Erica loves the outdoors, volunteering, baking, and canoeing.

Mark KozielMark joined the Accounting Club in Spring of 2011, and was both Membership Chair and Social Chair In Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 respectively.  He really enjoyed working with both the Exec Board and all the Members of the club both in his time in his leadership positions and when he was a  member of gold status.  Mark agrees with many other Alumni that networking is one of the most useful and practical tools any member can learn from their time in the Accounting Club, and can attribute his full-time position at BDO, USA LLP this next fall to networking with a recruiter through the club.  Mark's advice is to always over-prepare, but do not over stress, and to never give up on your goals.
Nikki Nathanson

Hi everyone! I served as the social chair for two semesters and planned different events such as barn dance, burgers at Joes, pizza dinners at Papa Dells and more! Currently, I am studying abroad in Granada, Spain for a semester, but when I am back you will see me at Accounting Club events. The biggest piece of advice that I have for everyone is to start talking with companies as soon as you can! Recruiters and employees will remember you even from day one if you make a good impression. Good luck to everyone this semester!

Dan RiccettiThe club is great way to learn about different aspects of accounting and also to network with client contacts and other students. Since the Accounting Club I started working at EY as a staff in their assurance practice. When I was with the club I worked as treasurer and basically made sure we had funding for our meetings and also making sure our SORF account with the university was properly funded.  A word of advice would be to get involved on campus/through the club and have passion in whatever pursuits a person is going after.

Michael DresslerMike is currently a senior accounting major. He was the Philanthropy Chair for the Fall 2014 semester and Treasurer for the Spring 2015 semester. He had fun leading his fellow Accounting Club members on iHelp's day of community service where he got the chance to break furniture with axes (all to help Habitat for Humanity). Mike is currently the PBL president.
In his free time, Mike likes to listen to 70's, 80's and 90's music. He also likes hanging out with friends and rock climbing (at the ARC, he has not climbed on real rocks yet). Mike also likes to ski, and sometimes wishes he had one of those Go Pro cameras on his head while skiing. Mike is a nice guy, so definitely stop by and talk to him.